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Is This God Or Donald Trump? Face Appears On Nurse Lab Coat After Caring For 'Very Sick' Cancer Patient

  • by: Alan Duke

Registered Nurse Ginger Ragusa hasn't touched her white lab coat since Thursday because she noticed a startling image on its pocket.

"Is this God?" Ragusa asked in a tweet Thursday. Some observers have suggested it favors GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The imprint of a face is obvious on the left lower pocket of the coat, which hangs in the office where Ragusa works as a nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

It's still there a day later, she said in a Friday tweet.

"Hellboy" actor Ron Perlman noticed Ragusa's tweet Friday and offered these words: "Oh shit! I sincerely hope you haven't been chosen. It's a lonely road!"

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